Telfair Commercial Tract

The Telfair Commercial Tract (the “Tract”) is located at the southeast quadrant of the intersection of US 17 and SC 315 in the unincorporated area of Jasper County, SC and bears tax map numbers 037-00-02-014, 037-00-02-017 and 037-00-02-018. The Tract consists of approximately 30.82 acres with 27.95 acres of usable uplands and 2.87 acres of fillable wetland.

Johnstown Innovation Center

118,625 sq ft downtown office and parking complex Innovation Center Opportunities:  Exchange, JV, Lease Johnstown Chamber of Commerce Johnstown Area Regional Industries   DUE DILIGENCE MATERIALS Franklin Center Environmental Report–June 1994 Franklin Center Survey–December 1993 Partial Plans for Northwest Bank Space Suite 300 Floor Plan   MAPS & AERIALS NRSA Map of Johnstown Map of